Activities in Cantal

Allow yourself the luxury of stopping time, enjoying the tranquillity of wide-open spaces to escape the stress of modern life.
Come and feel the power of the mountains or even experience the gentle pace of life, combining rural traditions and authenticity.
Cantal is brimming with natural and cultural treasures.

Set out to discover hiking trails, ancient forests, trout rivers, hurtle down ski slopes or mountain bike tracks, or contemplate the rich cultural heritage of Cantal: churches, châteaux, Burons (stone buildings designed for making and storing cheese), farms, etc.

Wild nature

At a turn in the road, allow yourself to be surprised by a herd of mouflon, does or stags, or try to glimpse the chamois atop the peaks or the marmots playing on the blueberry bush-covered moors.

In this exceptional natural environment with the largest volcano in Europe, recharge your batteries in contact with the basics: green fields where cows wander about peacefully, pine forests with damp floors, carpeted with ferns and moss; where the only noise is the sound of the waterfalls or birdsong.

The snow-capped Cantal mountains reveal a breath-taking view, a simply magical extravaganza of white. In this enchanting setting, Lioran offers a 150-hectare skiing area, allowing you to give yourself over to the pleasures of board sports.

The Auvergne, a land of exceptional cheeses, is the only region in France to produce 5 AOP cheeses: Cantal, Salers, Bleu d’Auvergne, Saint-Nectaire and Fourme d’Ambert…all produced according to ancestral know-how.

Its gastronomy is a tasty mix of authenticity and tradition, which enhances regional produce that is simple and natural, such as small-scale deli meats and the famous Salers or Aubrac beef, from breeds of cattle that are emblematic of the region.


This small village is located in the centre of France, in the heart of the Auvergne Volcano Regional park; in these Cantal landscapes, within these legendary lands that offer this delightful feeling of freedom.

Dienne, a forgotten paradise, a stop at the end of the world, where pleasure is taken in allowing peace and quiet free reign.

Its buildings, faced with natural stone, capped with slate or lauze flagstones, line each side of the road, like a colossal escort that opens the way right up to the Puy Mary chain of volcanos, which imposes its benevolence with its majestic silhouette.

Over the seasons, nature undergoes a true metamorphosis: multicoloured flowers in the spring, an infinite pallet of greens in summer, flamboyant tones in autumn and immaculate snowflakes in winter.